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Pira Consulting truly embodies a customer first mentality. Our ability to support our customers, with only their best interest in mind separates our company from most any other staffing agencies in the industry. We are flexible and nimble to fit our clients’ needs. Our staffing team has immediate access to skilled, pre-qualified professionals. 



Helping our consultants and permanent employees is an art, not science. Each person has different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, preferences, needs, etc. Therefore, we focus our efforts around understanding each consultant’s skills, goals and interests to match people to organizations for win-win employee/employer partnerships. 



At Pira Consulting, our staffing experts have 10 years of industry experience per recruiter. We live a customer/consultant first mentality to ensure top quality for our customers. We focus on building strong relationships with our consultants and customers with the understanding of how to make the right match and find consultants the right job!   

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Pira Consulting LLC

Pira?     Pie---ra?     Pier---a? 

Yeah...we get it. For the record, it's pronounced Pie---ra.         

What the heck does Pira mean anyway...?

 “Πρ”or “πυρρά” pronounced PIRA is the ancient Greek word for fire.  We still use the ancient words today very often, in conjunction with the word “φωτιά” a root that has to do also with the meaning of brightness. 


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