The Pira Story

Pira Consulting was specifically founded to stop ignoring the shortcomings in the staffing industry, and build a company that knows how to deliver the right candidate every time.  Where most companies put their best and most tenured employees in the field to sell their services and hire in-experienced recruiters, we treat account management and recruiting as equally vital to both our clients and consultants.

Don’t believe us? Simply ask any active job seeker and they will tell you one horror story after another about their frustrating experiences working with recruiters.  We strive to meet the expectations of our technical professionals by understanding their particular career goals, specific industry skills, and the unique interests that each person has. We then specifically match each prospective employee with the right industry, technology/skill, company, culture, commute, pay rate, and growth opportunity.

Our tenured staff knows how to help and how to listen to the goals and desires of our customers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the right candidate for each position for our clients while delivering the best opportunity available for each of our technical job seekers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reform the information technology staffing business for both our job seekers and clients by proving one company alone can deliver unique job openings and qualified candidates.

We Value Every Relationship

What We Do

Pira Consulting was founded to address the specific problem that plagues the staffing industry as a whole.  Every firm says they can deliver the right candidate, but very few do.  Isn’t that why every organization has to work with 10+ staffing vendors to fill their openings?

We fix this by only hiring the most experienced recruiters, who know the people you need, not just anyone out of college who’s willing to try.  Our team is handpicked to ensure that we deliver you the right person for your team…EVERY TIME!

Employee Spotlight

John Rodvik
John RodvikSenior Account Manager
Having been in the IT Staffing industry for 24 years John Rodvik has helped his clients navigate their IT staffing needs through every market upheaval since Y2K, the bursting of the .com bubble, recessions, and now a global pandemic.

He learned early on in his staffing career that he needed to differentiate himself from the competition. The way John did that was by understanding that the candidates he dealt with had similar wants, needs, and desires just like he has even though their skills made them a valuable commodity. This approach has served him well as much of his network of candidates and clients have maintained a more than a two-decade trusted relationship with John.

John had a rewarding 15-year career with one of the world’s largest staffing organizations where he was a multiple President’s Club attendee to include earning #1 national honors for Direct Hire placements.

When introduced to Pira Consulting, John was attracted to join the organization as a Senior Account Executive due to Pira’s commitment to focusing on the quality of talent presented to the client versus the quantity. This approach to delivery has always been John’s approach as well so the move to Pira Consulting seemed to be a perfect match.

After two-plus decades in the IT staffing industry, John views his work as more than just making a successful placement. Rather he views his work as key in not only shaping the careers of his consultants but equally important in helping his consultants provide for their family’s current and future needs.

In addition to his professional career, John served proudly in the United States Army Reserve for 25 years which included three deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan.

John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communication: Radio/Television from Southwest Minnesota State University.

Brett Beinke
Brett BeinkeSenior Recruiter
Brett has over 27 years of experience including 5 years of National Recruiting Management experience managing technical recruiting teams on a local, national, and offshore level for various contract, contract-to-perm, and permanent hire positions nationwide.

21 years of his experience is in recruiting and selling IT resources in the information technology industry, medical device industry, insurance industry, banking, home mortgage, health care, media, hospitals, and manufacturing.

He was responsible for setting up recruiting process with new clients and was even brought into regional offices that were struggling. He would review and set up new processes for performance improvement including retraining and redirecting staff.

Brett was responsible for hiring and training new staff as well as implementing a performance improvement plan for struggling staff.

He takes the time to listen to candidates so he can really understand what they are looking for. Brett finds it extremely rewarding to place a great candidate into their dream role or even to help a fresher get on the right path to similar success.