Recruitment agencies help candidates find available positions while simultaneously owning the process of finding available candidates for an external client’s job openings. Agencies act on behalf of both job seekers and hiring managers by aligning candidates with employment opportunities tailored to their unique needs/skillset and presenting hiring managers with a pool of qualified candidates they may not have otherwise come across.

Once a candidate is identified, the agency presents them to the hiring manager seeking to fill an open role within their team/department/company. Pira Consulting also offers value-added services to ensure candidates have the best chances of placement. These services include logistics for the interview process, preparing candidates with what to expect during an interview, and helping them position themselves to have the best chance of landing the role.

After the interview process is complete, we solicit feedback from the hiring manager/decision-maker, coordinate additional interview steps, pay rate negotiations, facilitate the job acceptance process and follow client procedures with the onboarding of new employees. The onboarding process varies by company but typically includes background checks, drug checks, employment verification, education verification, employment paperwork, payroll information, and benefits.

Once the job seeker has found the right position and the client is happy with their newly onboarded employee, we provide ongoing maintenance and support duties like employee conflict resolution, timecards/payroll, performance management, and job redeployment activities if needed.