For job seekers:

  • Access to open positions otherwise not found on regular job boards or want ads
  • Established relationships and inside client knowledge can lead to a higher likelihood of getting an interview
  • Knowledge of who you would be interviewing with helps prepare you for what to expect in the interview instead of walking in blind with no knowledge of the company, hiring manager, departmental needs, etc.
  • Valuable, in-depth feedback on how to best market yourself via your resume
  • Having an impartial advocate while on the job. We can help you with issues pertaining to your manager or other colleagues while on-site, help you negotiate conversion salaries, and provide you with industry and hiring market knowledge to make the best decision when looking for a new job.

For hiring managers/companies:

  • Immediate access to available talent curated through countless hours of relationship building, networking, database organization, etc.
  • A real-time look into the hiring market and /or related economic conditions. We guide you on when to hire, how to market your job descriptions effectively, when to adjust pay rates either up or down, etc.
  • Someone to handle those tough employee feedback conversations for you.
  • For contract-based placement, the hiring manager/company doesn’t have to worry about the HR process if they need to let someone go. Since those contract-based workers are employees of the staffing company and not the client hiring organization, you don’t need a written history of issues to convince an HR team to legally terminate someone. For these same reasons, there are no concerns regarding unemployment insurance/tax rates.