Recruitment agencies are broken up into two main groups: Professional Staffing Organizations and Temp Agencies/Day Labor Staffing

Professional Staffing Organizations
Professional staffing organizations listen to the needs and desires of job seekers, with the goal of matching them with positions aligning with specific skills, goals, and interests at that particular moment in their career. They also work with hiring companies to find and match the most suitable candidate based on the experience, education, and certifications required for a specific position.

Temp Agencies (Day Labor Staffing)
Temp agencies provide “day labor” to various companies, so interested candidates with minimum professional skills or experience have the opportunity for immediate employment and future growth. Entry-level positions and warehouse or clerical-based jobs are examples of positions these companies staff. Essentially, the goal of temp agencies is to help unemployed/underemployed job seekers find work quickly that doesn’t require specific experience or qualifications.