Job seekers: Start by asking your recruiter about their client relationships and familiarity with their customers. While you may appreciate and like the specific recruiter you are working with, the real question is whether they are best positioned to help you get the position you want. Asking these questions will help you understand whether the agency is the right fit and positioned to help you get your ideal job:

  • Does the recruitment agency have an agreement to do business with the hiring company?
  • If yes, does the recruitment agency know the hiring manager directly?
  • If yes, does the recruitment agency have any consultants on this particular team?
  • If not, have they placed consultants with this client in the past?

Hiring companies: The right questions to ask before engaging a recruitment agency should include:

  • Cost structure and whether your budget supports that cost
  • Does the recruiting company specialize in hiring the type of person you need?
  • Do you need employees in multiple markets? If so, can the recruitment firm handle that?