Typically the answer is twofold: The internal talent acquisition team is underperforming or contract-based hiring isn’t being handled by the existing talent acquisition team.

Underperforming teams: Internal talent acquisition/HR teams of any size can underperform in their recruiting efforts because of being over-taxed from having too many open positions at one time. Or, they can underperform because of the niche components of the positions needed staffing. Specialized staffing firms like Pira Consulting understand the unique needs of Information technology (IT), finance/accounting, and other niche industries better than generalized staffing firms. We regularly engage with clients and work closely with their internal talent acquisition staff to address struggles filling open positions.

Contract-based hiring needs: Recruitment agencies are typically engaged when hiring companies deem a position best filled by a temporary staff temp assignment, short-term project-based work, etc. In these cases, the hiring company’s internal structure usually isn’t set up for hiring contract-based staff, and this task can be outsourced very effectively to a recruitment agency.