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Project Coordinators, Program Managers, Business Analysts

Confident, Passionate, Organized

Project Managers (PMs) are the tip of the spear of any small, medium, or large IT project completed in the entire industry. These natural-born leaders are masters of writing budgets, estimating needed headcount, and establishing project timelines to ensure that each new IT initiative is completed effectively, on-time, and on budget.

Let us help find the right tech candidate for you!

Whether you are looking for a Junior, Mid, Senior, or Lead candidate, let Pira Consulting simplify your Business Analyst or Project Manager search. Our skilled Staffers have an average of 23 years of experience in placing technology candidates with amazing organizations like yours. Your time and reputation are too important to leave to a “straight out of college” kid.

At Pira Consulting, we only hire experienced staff, because we know all the frustrations clients have had when working with other firms, and we put a stop to it. Connect with us today or submit your job requirement. Either way, let’s partner and get you the candidate you need, fast!

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