Employee Spotlight (Recruiter)


Meet Patrick Lemmon:

What is the extent of your recruiting background?  Tenure, skill sets, industries, etc…

  • " I have been in the recruiting world for 8 years, primarily focused on a variety of IT skill sets. My favorite area is application development, usually emerging JavaScript frameworks. It is a fun “hunt” and candidates are building really unique applications. My favorite industries are engineering and high-tech."

What are the Top 3 qualities you believe are “must-haves” to be a successful recruiter?

  • "You have to listen, not just to your candidates and hiring leaders but also to your internal team. Being in the recruiting pit is how you learn, I always have my ears open and love picking up ideas from my peers to improve my technique. Second is getting uncomfortable! I am outgoing but throw me in a user-group with folks that are industry leaders and it’s intimidating. However, the best recruiters have the desire to learn from experts, network with everyone and build genuine relationships. Discipline is the 3rd must-have – some days you grind and some days you grind harder. Go through the motions with intent and with a goal in mind. This field takes a few years to build your personal brand; you will have to hit the phones, send late night emails and sometimes work during vacation. However, it is such a fantastic and rewarding career path. Once of my first placements was a guy looking to move out of the labor union into a tech support role. Together we landed his first contract role, and just this week – after continuing to build our relationship for years, I had the honor placing him into a full-time role with my favorite client. #Winning"

What inspires you to succeed every day?

  • "My grandpa. Money motivates me to put in that extra hour of work when others go home but it was my grandpa who taught me work ethic. He was a cop, a thankless job where he helped folks every day. He pioneered law enforcement methods as a natural innovator, worked harder than most and still made time for friends and family."

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

  • " I directly have the opportunity to influence the life of others. Helping folks break into an industry, move into that management role or break out of their 9-5 for a remote start-up firm has an impact on me. I am proud to be a people connector. Improving a candidates situation is self-fulfilling, whether it’s reducing their commute and allowing them to spend more time with their children or getting a salary increase, or both!"  

Why do you work at Pira Consulting…?

  • "Having worked at a few firms within the staffing world (Fortune 500 to start-up) I am confident when I say Pira is my long-term home. Jeremy and Vince are day to day partners with every employee. They are fun to work with, challenge me to keep evolving and lead with energy. I appreciate the organizations values,“Intense Transparency” and a “Culture of Winning”. Removing the mystery that exists in many organization’s management team. My peers here are awesome too, we laugh, challenge one another and celebrate each other’s successes. It is great still wearing a smile after a workday. I am excited to grow with Pira, it is going to be cool to look back in a few years and see what we built together!"