John Rodvik, Pira Consulting's Employee Spotlight!


What is the extent of your recruiting/sales background? Tenure, skill sets, industries, etc…

I have been in the IT Staffing industry for 23 years and have traditionally been running a Full Desk.  I have found success in this industry by not focusing on a specific skill set but rather having built a very vibrant pipeline of both key hiring authorities and candidates across the skill set spectrum.

What are the Top 3 qualities you believe are “must-haves” to be a successful in this industry?

-Treat the candidates you work with as “a person” rather than a “commodity”.  “Persons” have wants, desires and needs just as I do.  Commodities do not.  Treat your candidate with the dignity they deserve, and you will separate yourself from the competition.

-Ability to bring value to every call and meeting with your client 

-Tenacity and thick skin will help you successfully navigate the constant challenges this industry offers

What inspires you to succeed every day?

Obviously, my reasons to succeed evolve around my desire to take care of my family.  In addition, by taking care of my clients and candidates I truly desire that my efforts will have a very positive impact on my employer.

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

The unique aspect of this job is that at then end of the day we are not just placing IT candidates, but we are truly shaping one’s career. In addition, a successful placement not only effects the candidate but their family as well and I have always found that very rewarding. 

Why do you work at Pira Consulting…?

I really enjoy how Pira Consulting has been designed to attract a work force of seasoned IT staffing veterans who have proven success in this industry.  This model of hiring experience staffing veterans is a huge factor in helping us deliver for our clients.  In addition, the atmosphere and teammates here at Pira Consulting has been awesome experience.