The 'Hire & Fire' Podcast

#17 VMS - Vendor Management Systems What are they?

 In this week's episode, we break down VMS tools. What the heck are they, how to they work, how does it affect job seekers, staffing pros and hiring managers. This show will answer surprising questions about getting hired at Fortune 500 companies nationwide. 

#16 Sales & Recruiters

 In this week's episode, we debate and discuss the differences between Account Managers and Recruiters in the staffing industry. What that means for candidates and hiring managers, what it's like to do both jobs and how they are forever linked and can't be separated and what that means for you! 

#15 Resumes!! Dos and Don'ts and everything else..

 In this week's episode, we deep dive into resumes. We stare at these things 10-11 hours a day, everyday. Chad and I agree a lot but also disagree in several areas. We cover everything...layouts, content, formatting, length, what people see / what they don't see, etc.

#14 Hindsight Is 2020!

 In this week's episode, we hammer the staffing industry and why no one went to school to do this job, how careers develop and how to be more intentional about that and how to learn from past mistakes in life and your career. Plus, Chad gives a 5 step process on how to accomplish whatever you want. 

#13 Management w/ special guest Amanda Anderson!

In this week's episode, we are joined by Amanda Anderson (Executive in the Digital Marketing world) to discuss management.  Lessons learned from former bosses, mistakes we’ve made and what we’ve learned along the way. Whether you are a manager or not, this episode is for you!!

#12 Career goals, getting promoted, getting ahead

In this week's episode, we discuss how to get promoted or how to get ahead in your career.  Hint...are you sure that you're sure that you want to get promoted after all? 😳 Regardless, it's time to set some goals for 2020, before the year gets ahead of us!

#11 It's over, now what?!?

In this week's episode, we discuss things in your life coming to a close.  We discuss 2019 wrapping up, how to handle leaving a job, relationships ending, getting older, etc.  Bye bye 2019!

#10 'The Best Is Yet To Come'

 In this week's episode, we throw down on being a pessimist vs an optimist. Do you know which one you really are? Can one become another? It's a subjective discussion but we throw in our own experiences, regrets and advice in this week's episode. 

#9 'Know Your Limits, Idiot!'

 In this week's episode, we tackle the discussion of work/life balance.  How do you know when you are working too much or spending too much time on your hobbies?  How do you know if you really want that promotion?  It's a subjective discussion but we throw in our own experiences, regrets and advice in this week's episode.

#8 'Interview w/ Imad Alassi'

 In this week's episode, Imad easily shows us why he's so damn good at what he does.  We geek a bit on the technology side of QA/Automation and Imad drops bombs on the Recruiting/Staffing Industry on career progression, what he likes about Recruiters, what he doesn't and who he'll actually talk to.

#7 'I Dont Give A Crap!

 In this week's episode, we tackle the discussion of why people ignore you, why you ignore others, what they are actually saying to you by ignoring you and how to process all of these shenanigans. This turned into a general life focused debate on communication, so enjoy! 

#6 'What's in it for me??'

In this week's episode, we tackle the discussion of what the heck everyone wants in the process of getting a job.  The job seeker, hiring manager, recruiters, sales / account managers, employees, managers, etc.  If you wanna know what each side is motivated by, why they do what they do and how to use that to your advantage...then listen in to this week's episode. 

#5 'Sex, Religion & Politics in the Workplace'

In this week's episode, we tackle the topic that most won't discuss.  The office / workplace dynamic of sex, religion, age, politics and the hiring, firing and promotion dynamic affected by these topics.  That's right....we promised unfiltered and we do our best to deliver in this week's episode.

#4 'Do You Really Care...'

 In this week's episode, we answer the question of whether or not your boss cares about you. Plus we discuss inside Recruiter / Staffing thoughts on how to manage consultants, what people want and how most staffing companies just don't get it.

#3 'Let It Happen'

 In this week's episode, you'll get two completely different points of view on how to let things happen and different ideas and tactics on balancing the desire to control everything in life and your career. 

#2 'Are You An Overnight Success'

 In this week's episode, it's a story telling fest about how hard it can be to grow a career, grow a company, handle adversity, appreciate your failures and how to learn from them. 

#1 'Interviewing'

 In this week's episode, we dive deep into interviewing from every perspective possible.