Take the Leap, You May Surprise Yourself

Hey everyone, Amanda Anderson here, Director of Marketing at Pira Consulting and co-host of the Hire Fire Podcast. Today what I want to talk to you about is really for those unhappy workers and whether or not you should take the leap.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Alright, so welcome back, I want to talk to you about the current job market and how you are doing. For the workers out there who are unhappy, undervalued, underutilized, and underpaid, this message is for you. And please hear me out, we are in the midst of arguably the best job seeker, or candidate market, in history. It’s especially is in what Pira Consulting does with professional IT staffing services. The need for professional, good, well-rounded, charismatic, job seekers or candidates is intense right now. The need is so intense and so great.

So today, what happened that prompted this message, is I had a really great meeting with a long-term friend of mine and we talk a lot about our careers and the paths that we take and really bounced things off of each other. If you don’t have a person that you do this with, you should get one.

So we met today. And really it was about him. He has an internal job offer/promotion, and an external job offer which is a nice pay increase in a new industry. And he was torn.

Our generation moves a lot with jobs, older generations really tend to buckle down. You hear of the back-in-the-day stories when they had pensions and people would be lifers at companies. Not so much the case anymore.

Well, this particular friend was kind of going down that route, where he’d been there for a really long time, like 10 years. Which, to many might not sound like a long time, but that’s a large portion of your career. He stayed with his company but he again has a promotion that they are offering and they want to keep him, which is great.

But having the conversation we had today and it being not the first time that we’ve had this conversation, and at the end of it he kind of turns to me and goes, you know, “what should I do?” There’s this unknown with this other company. The other company is kind of the evil you know versus the evil you don’t know.

And instead of taking a diplomatic route (as I rarely do) I really gave my opinion and I finally just looked at him and said, “Take the leap”. What do you have to lose? Okay, best job market. Ever. Absolutely ever. Not to mention the experience this person has, and the skill level. Why on earth would he stay as skilled and as driven and smart and charismatic as this gentleman is? Why would he stay with a company that he knows is underpaying him, is overworking him, and really has a culture that’s kind of falling apart at the seams? Why?

We have lived in fear of making changes for far too long. COVID was tough on the world. And I said you know, I can’t guarantee you anything. The grass is not always greener on the other side. But mind you, I don’t know, it could be blue. And maybe you’ve never experienced blue-grass before and you get over there and it’s awesome. Maybe you don’t even know what kinds of grass there are. Maybe there are rocks, you know, (stay with me on the metaphor here). But it’s one of those things where you don’t know, you’re not really sure. And that can be scary and paralyzing, that fear.

But gone are the days where you have to stay in a job for a year or two if you make a move. Honestly, if you make a move and the culture is really bad, or it’s a really bad fit, or they promise something that they didn’t deliver on, or whatever it may be… You can still make another move. It’s a great market for it. You’ll be fine. As long as you are a good skilled worker, right?

So my challenge to everyone is don’t be afraid, especially in this market, to go chase your bliss. This is the time to do it if ever there was one. So don’t be unhappy. There’s no reason to be. We have plenty of jobs and openings coming in every day here at Pira among all the other recruiters and job boards and everything here. There are lots of opportunities right now. So please take the leap, find your happiness, and maybe surprise yourself.

Thanks for listening. Until next time.

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