Why Pira Consulting?

Find the "RIGHT" Fit

This is not just a position that needs filled.  This is an integral part of your team, your department, your company.  We get it.  We give you the freedom back. We'll deliver you the right person, the first time, to get back to what you do best!  

We know what you NEED!

What do you need?  Not another staffing company to manage.  Not another empty promise.  How do we deliver results?  How do we get you the job you NEED?  We listen, listen very well and narrow down the search to specifically match your needs and desires...on your timeline, not ours.  You be the judge, give us a shot!  

About Us


 Pira Consulting truly embodies a customer first mentality. Our ability to support our customers, with only their best interest in mind separates our company from most any other staffing agencies in the industry. We are flexible and nimble to fit our clients’ needs. Our staffing team has immediate access to skilled, pre-qualified professionals.  


 Helping our consultants and permanent employees is an art, not science. Each person has different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, preferences, needs, etc. Therefore, we focus our efforts around understanding each consultant’s skills, goals and interests to match people to organizations for win-win employee/employer partnerships.  


 At Pira Consulting, our staffing experts have 5+ years of industry experience per recruiter. We live a customer/consultant first mentality to ensure top quality for our customers. We focus on building strong relationships with our consultants and customers with the understanding of how to make the right match and find consultants the right job!   

Diverse Skill Set Offering

Finance & Accounting

Accounting (Public, Tax & Staff), AP/AR,

 Banking & Financial Services, Financial Analysts and Payroll


Information Technology (IT)

App Dev, Cloud, Data, Helpdesk/Desktop, Digital, 

InfoSec, Network/Voice, Mobility, Project Mgmt


Office / Clerical

Admin Assistants, Secretaries, Receptionists, 

Data Entry, HR Administrator, Office Manager/Assistant


Production & General Labor

Production, Maintenance, Warehouse, 

Shipping/Receiving, Welders, Manufacturing, Assembly


Our History

Against the Odds (of change)

Our founders spent 10+ years in the professional staffing business for a globally recognized company before starting Pira Consulting LLC. Their purpose...to stop ignoring the short comings in the industry and build a company that knows how to deliver.  Where most companies put their best and most tenured employees in the field to sell their services and hire in-experienced recruiters, with little to no recruiting or specialized industry experience, to do the heavy lifting and fulfill their client focused promises of finding the best talent, we treat sales and recruiting as equally vital to both our clients and consultants.  We strive to meet the expectations of the professional, that our clients are looking for, by understanding their particular career goals, specific industry skills and the unique interests that each person has.  We then specifically match each prospective employee with the right industry, technology/skill, company, culture, commute, pay rate and growth opportunity.  

Don't believe us...just ask any active job seeker and they will tell you one horror story after another about their frustrating experiences working with recruiters who either don't help them, don't understand what they want or waste their time with irrelevant jobs.

Why our employees choose to work for Pira...

We'll admit...we are picky.  Not everyone will make the cut here at Pira Consulting.  We employ only the most tested, driven, motivated, honest, fair and professional individuals that you'll find in the staffing industry.  

We expect, and hold each and everyone accountable, to treat everyone (both internal and external to our 4 walls) with the utmost respect, dignity and professionalism.  We demand honest and open communication and hold every employee to the highest standards.  And because of these expectations...when met...we offer the highest, most lucrative compensation plans in the entire staffing industry for all employees...Recruiting, Sales / Account Management, administrative staff, etc.

Why do our employees choose to work for Pira Consulting?  Because when you are held to a high standard, you learn to hold others to a similar standard and that's how an elite team is built, fostered and upheld.  Add that to having the ability to provide for our families and our respective futures and you'll see why our tenure and stability is 2nd to none.

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